Windows XP Internet Not Working

Recently Dual Booted Vista/XP on my pc....i have a direct wired connection to the connection was on here prior xp installation. Internet connection works fine with vista, but not on xp. Any suggestions??
Hello Smurf25 :smile:

What type of XP is it

if it is Basic

i had a problem like that, it doesnt give you the network drives on the OEM version i know that, so you have to download the drivers for your network card, for XP on Vista and transfer the driver file over, and install, simple?
still can't get it to work........ i am currently running xp 32 bit if that helps any.....but it doesn't even show there is a connection to the internet on xp when there is and is connecting on vista.......just dont get it???:wtf: Any other suggestions i would appreciate.