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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501. I wiped the hard drive clean and reinstalled Windows XP. I cannot play video or sound cds. I right clicked on my computer, then manage and under other devices I had yellow question marks with the following titles next to them "Base system device, then ethernet controller and then Video controller (VGA compatable)."
Can this be the problem?:wtf:

Your help is greatly appreciated.


I need some guidance. I have tried to download some of the audio and video downloads and it did not help. What about the chip set downloads, what is this? Thanks for your help.

Chipsets for your motherboard. Make sure you've installed all the drivers for your system until no devices show as unkown in device manager and get all the latest Windows Updates.
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Are you sure about that? To the best of my knowledge, the differences between MCE and XP are solely in userland Windows, and everything low-level is perfectly identical. Do you have a source for that tidbit of info?

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