Windows XP SP3 Build 3205 Released


Mostly Harmless
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Interesting. I was a beta tester for SP2 but wasn't "lucky" this time around. Probably a good thing as I've lost the patience I used to have when applications crash.
I have not come across any issue or crashes with this Beta. I have been running it non-stop for over a week now while doing everything. Movie conversion, downloads, coding, GFX, IM's. Jsut about everything i can think of. Nothing has crashed it. Fully compatable with all Apps i have installed. Good Job to M$ on this one.
Good long as it stays that way right through to RTM. How big a monster is it? As big as SP2 or..?
IT is roughly 334MB in size. I dont know how that compares to SP2. But yeah overall with the list of apps i have installed and run since SP3 install. IT is great to see that nothing has crashed it. I have left my PC on and running for over a week now with no BSOD's or any random crashes. Which is more than i can say aobut the pre-beta leak.
SP2 standalone redistributable was 199MB, but this contains SP2 + another couple of thousand patches.