Windows XP starts to load but no users


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I only use my XP installation once a month or so. Today I needed to use an older program that won't run on Windows 7. I iReboot to go to my XP installation and I get the black startup window that say Windows Xp and the flag. Then I get the light blue screen that would normally have the user accounts to sign into, there is only one thing there. It is the Microsoft Flag and it says Microsoft Winodows XP. There is no hard drive activity. I hit the reset button and choose XP from my boot menu and got the same result.

Any Ideas?
No, you're lucky that XP has "repair install" (they dropped it from Vista and W7 to speed up the install).
It will leave all your settings and installed apps in place, though you will need to bring WUD back up to date IIRC.