Windows XP won't boot

I did the following and now blocked:
1. Downloaded Easy Recovery Essentials
2. Downloaded Easy USB Creator Lite
3. Created Windows XP ISO on USB using Easy USB Creator Lite
4. Booted PC giving ‘no boot sector found’ msg to USB drive
5. Selected Automated Repair from Easy Recovery Essentials Menu
6. got ‘no partition’ found msg
7. Selected ‘Launch Command Line’ from Easy Recovery Essentials Menu
8. Ran bootsect –nt52 sys C: at command prompt
9. got ‘bash: bootsect: command not found
10. Ran ‘find / -name bootsect –depth –print’ at command prompt
11. got nothing for response (Note: it does not look like bootsect exists on the usb drive windows essential windows xp iso image)
original problem: windows xp os files from c:/ folder partially deleted. now pc won't boot. tried also booting to windows xp media which did not show the repair option. the partitiion showed but no drive letter. windows essential however says 'no partition found'.