windows8 + Debian7

free version easy bcd (2.2)​

I wish debian 7 as second O.S and i intend on to install it from a dvd(uefi).
All is perfect when i try it.
But ...i have not a choice in front of me when i open the laptop (asus - Windows 8 x64 bit).
So, i would like it and i found this link showing us how to do.
The link is for linux ubuntu 12.04.

How to do the same for Debian 7 ?
Have i to choose grub 2 or uefi ?
Is it the same step(s) that i must do/follow ?
Have I to buy the new version easybcd to do it ?
Is it working with Windows 8 ?
Is it working with Debian 7 ?
Is it working with Asus ?

Can free easy bcd 2.2 damage my computer/recovery partition of Windows 8 ?