WINPE boot option with easybcd - after restore, i loose my second boot for winpe


I have used EasyBDC to create a boot option for WinPE with the intention to use the WinPE to restore the computer with a Wim file (Windows Image). However after i have restored the image to which i created with the dual boot option, i loose my second boot option and i think this is because after my image has been restored, i have to run the following command before my system will boot:

BCDBoot w:\windows /s s: /f all

w=windows and s= system partition

My diskpart.txt file specifies the above letters.

The diskpart.txt also formats the system partition (s: above) and the c drive (w: above)

How can i successfully restore the image, make the system bootable and keep the dual boot created with easybcd

Any input would be great




Mostly Harmless
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I'm sorry, I don't understand your question. Can you please rephrase?