WinPE to other drive and BCD problem


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Drive spec: SSD1 - System with win7 loaded. SSD2 - clean.

C: - system
F: - boot partition

J: - boot partition (300MB)
D: - partition for future system
E: - partition with installation files

I want to add WinPE to SSD2 with BCD on SSD2.
Under loaded OS from SSD1 I
  1. Create BCD record on J:
  2. Load BCD from J: for editing
  3. Add WinPE with path to boot.wim on F: drive
  4. In BCD path to boot.wim specified as [boot]\sources\boot.wim not with letter E: for some reason.
  5. Result - when trying to load from J: getting error device is inaccessible
If I add same record to sys BCD - on F: drive all is ok, path starting with E:. I added WinPE to actual BCD on F: and cloned in to J: and it works!