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I have been at this for more than a week. Came to know about EasyBCD a few days back and after reading a few posts (This one and the sticky) and not getting any results, am posting my problem.

I originally had XP on my laptop and then installed Windows 7, everything was fine until I started moving the partitions. I have tried multiple times to rebuild the BCD with EasyBCD but nothing seems to get the desired results.

Here are the details:



Hope this is whats needed. Cheers
Using the latest build of 2.0 (79 to date), delete the XP entry from the BCD, add it again, let Easy2 auto-configure, and don't change the XP disk letter. (It's not D, it's E. The BCD points to "system" not to XP. The copies of XP boot files there, point to XP.)

Thankyou so much. Its all sorted. You guided me to the right solution.

I had deleted the boot files from the E drive, as the E drive is used for file storage, I thought it should be ok to delete them but then later while trying to resolve it, I kept on copying the files to the WinXP partition and wondered why it wasnt working.

Anyhow, now my want is to make that 'unallocated space' (sitting inbetween the partitions) into a storage partition and then move all the files from E (AcerData) to the new logical NTFS partition. After moving the files to the newly created partition, I hope to combine the old E drive with the newly created one. Wouldnt that mess up the WinXP partition boot again?

Or perhaps the solution is the 'multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)' bit? If I copy the boot.ini, ntdetect and ntldr to D drive (WinXP partition) and change the above highlighted bits in Boot.ini to partition(2), will that keep it all together?

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From W7 Disk Management you should be able to expand the extended partition to absorb the unused space, then create a new logical drive x inside it, then copy E into x, then delete E, expand the extended again, then expand x to the end of the extended, then rename it to E.
None of that should affect the XP boot..
If it does, just use Easy2 to delete/add the entry again, and it will reconfigure boot.ini if needed.
(you can't second guess it yourself. The partition number comes from its position in the MBR partition table, not where it is on the disk)
Your only problem might be if the amount of data in E is too much to fit in x (I can't see the free space on your screenshot where that field is truncated). If so you'll have to find space in W7 and/or XP or external storage temporarily, for the contents of E that won't fit in X. Then copy them back after you've deleted E, expanded and renamed x.
Yes, it is but shouldnt be a problem, have a 16gb usb :smile:

On another note, I forgot to mention, I did try the auto create boot files in EasyBCD but apparently it didnt create them (or might have created them somewhere else), its only when I manually copied the boot.ini, ntdetect & ntldr to E drive did everything fall in place.

Not sure whether this was a admin permission issue or a bug... The older version (stable release) also didnt work with auto create as I recall trying it there as well.

Cheers for the wonderful support.
There is no XP automation in 1.7 !
It's a new feature of 2.0
It can either be invoked via tools/auto-configure, or it will offer when a new XP entry is added (not if you just change the XP entry)
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Now it is!!!

Anyways, thanks Terry60, I was confusing the auto configure with inserting boot entries for OSes thing. Both of them didnt work, I dont know why.

I have also realised why boot files are in D drive (AcerData) which is primary partition and the XP partition is logical (it should be the other way round, XP primary and AcerData logical). Will work on it.
Have learnt an aweful lot. Thanks much.
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