WinXP grief

Using EasyBCD 2.3

Disk 1 is Win10 and boots fine. Also works fine when booted with EasyBCD

Disk 2 is WinXP. If I boot this drive directly (remove Disk 1), it works fine. With Disk 1, and using EasyBCD I can boot the XP partition on Disk 2. The boot LOOKS normal, but then all USB attached devices (mice, keyboard) will not work.

I have tried an XP repair install. Same deal.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?


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It's not going to be a boot-related issue - this is more of a driver problem. XP doesn't support any of the modern USB chipsets out of the box - but the real problem is that many of these chipsets don't even make drivers that support XP at all..

Do you have a PS/2 mouse or KB you could use?
Sorry, I don't think you fully understood.
The XP partition is on a separate drive. I can boot that drive directly (not with EasyBCD) and everything works properly. All USB devices work. All chipset drivers are present.

The USB devices don't work only if I boot the XP drive with EasyBCD from a second Win10 drive.

It doesn't make any sense to me either!


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Is your W10 a UEFI/GPT system ?
perhaps when you are booting XP alone, it's happening in BIOS compatibility mode and that has legacy USB support ?
AWESOME! You da man!

Indeed it is a UEFI system. I changed setting for 'Intel xHCI mode ' to 'disabled' instead of 'auto'. Now the XP partition boots and runs properly when booted through EasyBCD.

Presumably the UEFI detects a Win10 boot manager and puts USB in 3.0 mode. Apparently this did not change when the boot manager hands off the boot process to the XP partition. Disabling xHCI ensures USB is in 2.0 mode.