WinXP/Win7 Dualboot...easybsd found backup image instead of XP?!


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the problem:
I've installed Win7 as the new default OS on a computer with XP installed.
I resized the XP-partition and made a new one for the new Win7.
I installed win7 and used easyBSD to check/rebuild the bootloader.
Win7 has made an entry in the bootloader before i think. There was the new win7 and a 'Früheres Windows Betriebssystem' ('earlier/previous OS'). But when I try to load this old OS, it does not load the XP that was used before. It is loading a version/timesnap of XP shortly after its installation. Nothing but 'acronis true image' is installed . Wrong graphics driver (there was another graphics card installed ~1 year before).

my conclusion:
i think somehow there was a acronis image found and is now loaded by the bootloader. I think it was the win7 installation that made the entry for the previous OS. But also when i erase this entry and make a new one with easyBSD it loads the same image.

Do you have any ideas what I can do?
thank you!!
best regards