Winxppro/win7 dualboot issue

Have read some of the posts on here.. but none seem to match exactly my situation. heh.

Had xp pro loaded.. all good, loaded win 7 all good, dual boot worked fine one hard drive, two partitions. When you booted off xp, it was C drive, when you booted off 7, it was C: drive.. if I'm not mistaken.. anyways.. 7 was bugging on me a bit *alot* (don't try to load a gazillion fonts that you randomly download off the web) so I put in the 7 disk when I was in 7 os, and reinstalled it inside the os. Had to put key in etc. Well, this fixed most of the bugs I had when In 7.. but my xp boot option is gone. (I do not recommend this, because it was a hit or miss since I don't really know the repair options of 7, unlike my good old XP) and the crappy one repair or reinstall of Vista.

Used EasyBCD, add remove entries.. I have Windows 7.... (recovered) as entry on drive C:, added XP PRO on Drive D:, (think that's how ur supposed to do it if you load xp after you have 7?) even though that's not how initially set it up. Was thinking it now thought that since I ran the setup in 7, that 7 was the original OS. Rebooted, clicked the XP PRO option.. says can't boot NTLDR not there.. booted back to 7.. and the NTLDR is there on the xp pro partition.

What do I do at this point? Boot off Xp disk, run second repair? or something else?

Help is always appreciated. Thanks.

(I knew there was a reason I joined these forums a week ago or so, just couldn't remember till I messed with it today heh):??
Get EasyBCD 2.0 latest build
1.7 expects you to know the additional tasks to get XP dual-booting.
2.0 will do them for you
Delete the XP entry, add it again, let 2.0 auto-configure when it offers.

Always thought we weren't supposed to go with beta's, or I would have, was using 1.72 latest stable. Ok downloaded latest beta, clicked add, then agreed to load ntldr to win7 bootldr, saved and now rebooting. Will edit this when back in os.

*edit* Ok, worked like a champ.. just wish I knew what happened in first place.. and how easybcd fixed it, in my head and could follow it, might need to know since I do work on pc's and 7's going to be the main operating system for some time to come.

Thanks Terry60 Appreciate the FAST post help. (now.. what did I need to boot into xp for??) :smile:
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EasyBCD reconfigures boot.ini, a file used to boot XP. We used to haft to advise users on manually editing the file on a system by system basis. With EasyBCD 2 that problem is taken care of, since it has some magic code that can automatically scan the system and generate the correct file. While we still term EasyBCD 2 as a beta its more like a release canidate.