winxpsp3 adding hd with server 2003


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I'm not sure if this should go in the easyBCD, the Windows or Hardware forum.

I built myself and my husband nearly identical pc's a few years back.

His mb died:
Northwood 3.06 ghz
Server 2003 configured for a workstation
30 gb IDE hd

I made another small pc to use as a security system:
MSI MS 6533-E
Willametta 1.06 ghz
XP pro SP3
60 gb IDE hd

We don't need the MSI security system (crazy neighbor is long gone) and I want to put the 3.06 ghz processor on the MSI mb as well as the 30 gb IDE hd with Server 2003. My past experience tells me the pc won't boot up. I only need to get his docs/favs/pics from the hd with Server 2003. Then I can reformat the hd. He doesn't care if the pc is dual boot... in theory. I've had dual boot systems on different/older pc's and I loved them, but knowing him, he's going to hate it pretty soon. He'll use one op and not the other and I'll have to log on to get all the updates for the other op.

So, is there a way to fix the problem before I put the 2003 hd on the MSI mb with XP? I have downloaded easyBCD to my pc.

I'm just now getting ready to take the ASUS mb out of his bigger/nicer case and put the MSI mb in it. I'll check back later. Thanks to all for your help.