Wireless adaptor


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so my school uses a VPN do deliver wireless to the university.

so now the problem is that my adapter is not yet supported by vista :frowning:

i am told here: D-Link Windows Vista Support - Compatibility Chart

that my adapter driver is: Vista Beta Driver or Later (Updated Vista Ver. Available Q1 '08)

what does the Q1 '08 mean?

the vista service pack?

i tried installing the normal driver for it, here: D-Link TechSupport - Choose Your Country

and the site says that the product is discontinued :frowning:

just wondering
1Q 2008 means the first quater fo 2008. Which is from like Jan-March. It is the same time that Vista does plan on rolling out SP1 but i dont think they are reffering to Vista SP1. I just think they have the same time frame in mind for the release of their driver.

Which stink cause i have a D-Link DGL4100 Gaming router that i use and it is fine with Vista. Course mine is wired...
well i am going to a LAN party, but i will be internet-less unless i get the VPN and wireless working

oh well i should be fine lol i was last time... and i will have my computer there YAY!