wireless card hell


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so my desktop has been internetless for a couple months, me without a wireless card

monday i finally go around to but one, reading on the box it supports vista (this card netgear wg311v3 )

i go to install the card, to find out it doesnt support vista 64-bit

i dont have much time after work, so i didnt return it until today, and exchanging it for a linksys wmp110v2

which, on the side of the box, clearly reads:

Minimum requirements:
blah, blah, blah, vista, vista 64-bit edition with latest updates.

i get home after the exchange, and go to install, looking online for the update, only to see a dozen or so items about this card not being able to run on vista 64-bit!

i go to linksys' page, and no download

i am very annoyed and very pissed off atm.

i am looking online, but id rather ask you guys

what is a good b/g/n (preferably) wireless card that is 100% VISTA 64-BIT READY!

Hmm... that adapter was a pain to track down on Linksys site and when I did find it and selected your version if didnt even provide a option to download drivers. This is probably the reason for user trouble with 64-bit Windows, as the shipped driver must have been only for 32-bit.

Personally I like D-Link. I would go for 802.11n, but it'll be more expensive. Here are two models, whose drivers can be downloaded and say they work with 64-bit Windows:

802.11g: D-Link WDA 1320
802.11n: D-Link DWA-542

Check out some of thier other models here.

i just dont know lol

oh and here: (my reply is the big long one clearly lol) Will a 32 bit wireless card work on my 64 bit vista? - Yahoo! Answers

yeah, like you saw, no driver for linksys, and look at my source from netgear, (they refer to vista in the future tense, as in it hasnt been released yet) that shows alot of things alone lol

this was the one i was looking at: D-Link TechSupport - Choose Your Country

and thankfully it is at bestbuy so i can exchange it without hassle :smile:


Newegg.com - D-Link DWA-556 IEEE 802.11n - Wireless Adapters

89 isnt bad, considering i spent 50 for the first one, and than 70 for the second one
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Yeah, defintely return that linksys. Its disappointing when a company can't live up to what they promise thier product can do. I've been pretty satisfied with D-Link, though its a tad hard trying to track down drivers for thier products on thier site as well though its possible. Why these companys haft to make it so hard on the customer is just ludacris.


Here's the page for the drivers BTW for the model you want. Just click on product drivers and you should be able to get the latest driver for it after you've picked it up.
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haha, ive never had a problem finding drivers from dlink, and i love there little image for what its useable on

D-Link TechSupport - Choose Your Country

so ill be going today to grab and exchange the cards again ^__^

lets hope this time it works


holy sweet! 6412/17/2007- Driver for Vista 64. Please note that this is the same driver available on the Windows Vista x64 Service pack 1.

YES i have SP1 ^__^ lets hope it installs with out an issue :wink:
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Good. Hope it works out ok. As soon as you get on the net you should be fine. D-Links been known to release driver updates through WU too, so rest assured you'll get the latest driver if you don't already have it.
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i just had to download the 64-bit driver update, and unzip into the folder the driver CD made, and restarted (may not have had to) went to device manager, and selected the network controller, and hti update, selected the folder that the driver was in, and it WORKS!!

i so so happy
Good. I can remember having issues when I first got my Vista box (This was a few months after launch where nothing worked). Was very happy myself after I got a d-link adapter for it.

hi kairozamorro d-link adapter is good even i got the issue having vista box so now thts going on well so very happy..