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Hey people, I have a wordpress, and I'd like to disable the comments because I didn't moderate them for a while and now I want them all gone. I'm wondering if there is a way to disable it in options. If not, could I somehow delete them from the base?

The easiest way i have stopped this before was that i made people register to comment. That is under Options>Discussion. This seemed to stop almost all my comments as nobody wants to register to comment.
Oh yeah I see, thanks a lot.

I think I'll uncheck Allow people to post comments on the article.

Now what to do with 354 spam comments? They are held for moderation, they are not published. Whats the easiest way to get rid of them?
I wish it could be possible, but its not. It only works for a limited number of comments (I can't remember what is the limit number). When I scroll down the page I don't see mass moderation buttons.

Here's what I see when I scroll down, not do mention that thats 17th comment, whats up with 371? :wtf:


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I'm deleting them 20 by 20 now, when I click on "mass edit" and check and delete all :smile:


And DONE! No comments :grinning:
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Yes. WordPress is less likely to detect a comment as spam if it is by a registered user. So a bot comes along, registers, then spams :smile: