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i have a job with UPS now. ill be working as a Auditor in a UPS Hub, in Minneapolis MN.

it isnt as hard of a job as un/loader(which is what i was originally applying for), and ill have some work to do to get good at it, but its 8.50 p/hour, for 3 hours a night, monday through friday.

so basically, when a person or business sends a package through ups, its charge price is based on weight, but after a certain size package, the dimensional weight is the charged price. what an auditor does, is watch the packages get unloaded, and finds the ones that need to be re-priced. if the package's shown weight isnt what it should be for the size of the box, it is repriced and the customer is charged accordingly.

big stuff. ^_^ i think ill like it, on top of the money, i get full benefits (from a part time job) with a 401k and everything, along with 3000 a year (1500 per semester) for going to brown college, as well as 10% off my tutions costs! i so totally scored!


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Congrats, Donald! Best of luck w/ the new job :smile:

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Congrats on the new job! I just have to get one now. :tongueout:


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Congrats, Donald! Good luck, too :smile:

I'm done with my job, and now I shop PC's! :tongueout::lol:


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good luck
what are you studying kinda stupid question but im planning on studying medicine (i;m referring to the fact that everyone here is a computer geek)


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Hey congrats on the job Kahai. :smile: