Worpress and... another Wordpress


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Okay, I had 1 Wordpress blog, and I installed another, but forgot to change "wp_" to something else for the second cause its the same database. >.<

So now 1st blog looks like a mix of 1st and new one, now, I deleted a new one, and my old one looks mixed still. I think data base has been mixed up, but I don't know what to do about it. I care about this blog (1st one).

Any hope for getting it back as it used to be? :glare:
Will have to use a phpmyadmin i believe and edit the SQL entries to remove the new stuff. I think that is what has to be done.
Sadly no. I have never hacked SQL like that. Nto really hacked but had to modify it. Maybe Guru knows.
If it were just a matter of sorting the diferent data, it would be salvageable,... but you've also overriden the post mappings and other configurations... don't you have a backup of the old database?
Shoot me Guru! I want to be dead! I don't have a backup! :x:x:x

I went to phpmyadmin and clicked "wp_posts" and I deleted headlines that were published on a new blog. And now I get famous 404 ERROR when I open the old blog URL. :shame:


I just checked, now I get new blog headline.. and old blog categories are visible. If you click anything it'll take you to nowhere.
Here, take a look.
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Go to wp-admin on both wp installs, and make sure the site URI field is set to the old one.
Oh... well.. New blog is deleted along with its files. And old blog url is domain.com/blog and dashboard to any wordpress should be: blog/wp-admin.php

And when you try loading that on my blog, you get 404 Error message.

Is that what you meant or...? :lup: