would this work?


After My brother tried to reformat the laptop (Vaio VGN-CS115J) I asked him for the recovery disk, he didnt have it. So he tweaked around when it said "No Opeating system Found" So i spent a few hours reading and tinkering with it my self, but i think i made it worse...

I popped in the Recovery disc that i downloaded and clicked the repair button and its at the part where it said"attempting to repair" and i left it alone for 45 miniuets and it didnt get anywhere. I saw on another thread to mess around with the command prompt and thats when i think i scerwed it up more...
So in another thread i read that some one suggested to try boot Vista using Ubuntu OS and Easybcd and this is where i am at. I have Ubuntu on the laptop and i cant get the easy BCD on it. But then i tried to find the files
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And i dont think i can find it...

So my brother came up with the idea: What if we tried to install the vista trial...and use our CD key to activate it? :\ (Oh, and i cant find anyone with the Vista installation disc :[ )

Now my question is...... Would this work?

No, can't re-install Vista with our recovery disc, you can't repair it if he's formatted, and you can't run EasyBCD in Ubuntu because it is a BCD store manipulation tool for Windows. You well need to find a friend with a Vista DVD, contact the OEM for the computer and request a recovery disc, or buy a new copy.
That is a VHD File. That is not a ISO file. It cant just be burned to a DVD and used for install.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista; Windows XP
A virtualization product that supports the VHD format is required to use this virtual machine. Microsoft Virtual PC or Microsoft Virtual Server are provided for free and can be used with these VHD based virtual machines. Please refer to the Virtual Server 2005 R2 System requirements page here.

In addition to the System Requirements for the virtualization product, you will need additional disk and memory resources for running the virtual machine. This VHD is pre-configured to use approximately 10GB of hard disk space and approximately 1024MB of memory.

You would already have to have a OS installed to use it. Wont be of any help to you.
Widen your search for an acquaintance with a Vista DVD (It doesn't matter which flavour's mentioned on the box - all versions are on the DVD)
Installing using your own key will automatically pick the correct version, and you won't be breaching the EULA.
It's your only cost-free option.