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I am currently sitting on my Windows XP OS right now.

Because, after my XP boot settings ****ed up for some odd reasons, I had to install Windows Vista on my second "Drive" OR Partition I am not sure what one.. lol

But now I wanna format Windows Vista drive wich is on "C:", but the boot.ini and NTLDR etc is on that drive, but if I copy boot.ini + NTLDR etc to D:\, do you think I can still format C:\ without any problems on startup?

Please help me guys..

- Ziink.
You are going to need to make XP's partition active and then copy over the boot files (boot.ini, ntldr, Then reboot and validate that XP well still boot properly. If not, use fixboot/fixmbr from the recovery console on XP's cd.
Go to disk management (Right-click My Computer, Manage, Disk Management), right-click on XP's partition, and select "Mark Partition as Active". If the option is not provided to you it is because XP is being over-protective. Boot into Vista for one last time AFTER you have COPIED over XP's boot files to XP's partition. Vista should allow you to do it.
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ntldr,, and boot.ini need to be copied to D:

Don't delete the C: drive just yet, but delete the three boot files from there after you have them on D: to confirm XP is not depending on files on the C: partition the next time you attempt to boot XP.
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Yes... but make sure the boot files are not present on C: so you can confirm that it actually is working correctly.
If it works you can just format that partition. If it doesnt work you can use the XP CD and the Recovery console with that to do a fixboot and fixmbr.

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