Wow--Recovery Disk, you rock!!


Hey guys,
I work in IT and we are a company that has "merged" with another(translate: got bought out), and never had a real IT staff before, always a handful of people who could fix the problems. As a result, we had a cluster-**** of different computers with different OS's and now we have Vista and Win 7 to deal with. I also help friends out from time to time. This requires me to have at least a working version of every incarnation of Windows I can think of(I get valid serials from the people I am fixing the comp for), and some other tweak tools like Winternals. I need all the extra tools I can get!! :tongueout:

I recently worked on making a dual-boot system between Vista and XP for a friend and followed your excellent tutorial, but unfortunately the MBR or bootloader got totally hosed. I was able to rebuild this thanks to your provided links. Sure, these might be Microsoft links in the first place, but finding anything on their website is about as easy as rebuilding all 3 pyramids of Giza in a week. On your pages, I found the link I need and plan to download the rest of the Win7 and Vista recovery disks tomorrow, just so that I have them when I need them

Also, Easy BCD was perfect for setting up a dual-boot, thanks for that as well. I won't use many more of the tools, since this is someone else's computer, but thanks just the same< now I know where to find a good tool when I need it...

Thanks again!!
Hello again, Mikey.

I'm glad we could help, and that you found our resources useful.

You sound like a nice, helpful guy..... why don't you stick around and lend a helping hand to newcomers - share some, learn some?

If you generously stay seeding, after you've completed downloading, people will keep accessing you as a resource indefinitely.
Disconnect when you think you've repaid your debt, that's generally about when you've uploaded as much as you originally downloaded.