wp xcache: comments # didn't update.


What Happened:
I went to moderate my comments. I deleted one command and approved another. However, the number next to the comments tab didn't go away, it still said "2".

What I Expected:
It should have decreased and then disappeared.

Wordpress 2.5.1
wp xcache 0.6
xcache 1.2.1-3

I was able to remove the 2 by clearing the variable cache using the xcache admin interface which is why I know it's wp-xcache's problem.

Hi docwhat, welcome to NST.

It's not a wp xcache issue actually - it's a WP (or Akismet?) bug.

Our XCache plugin is basically a set of functions:

(^ extremely simplified view).

WordPress calls cache_data() with the data to store, and when that data changes, WordPress is supposed to call delete_cached_data() so the info will update - but in this case WordPress isn't calling the delete function.

Depending on where you were doing your moderation, this is either WP missing a call to the delete function or Akismet missing that call - were you on the Akismet page by any chance?
what I did

I went directly to the moderation page (using the link sent in the email):

I then deleted one message and approved the other.

I then went to the akismet page and looked through the recent spam and then deleted it all.

Does that help? Is that enough information for you to report the problem to WP?