Writing not working in XP


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My teacher has windows xp on his computer.
It got virused so it was formatted however now whenever he tries typing anything nothing happens. in notepad and word 2003. However, when he wants to log in the keyboard writes (when he types the password).
That would rule out a ps2 or keyboard problem right?
Would this be an XP problem or what?
P.S. typing in any programs does not work.
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It sounds like there's still a virus on the computer to me........ :S

Does ctrl+alt+del (which overrides any and all software and viruses) still work once logged in?
i'm not sure. i know he can do anything as long as it does not involve typing. the computer tech guy in the school says its a word prob. but i dont think so
Well to see if it is a Wrod problem or a virus still unplug the keyboard adn then plug it back in. See if that does anything. If not, even after a reboot, then it is a virus not word.
well i tried ctrl+alt+delete and it wont work neither will ctrl+esc or anyother shortcut. when u log on it says that temp2.exe wasnt working and shut down. and u cant start it up again because there is no keyboard. when u log off the numbers start working and u can type in the password (all numbers) sometimes. other times it doesnt work and u have to restart.
Check if any keyboard layouts are installed in Control Panel | Regional Language Options | Input Details