writing of mbr within easybcd with triple boot(win7/xp pro sp3/k10.10)


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:??any one help-

I came across this in win7 easybcd stating that I can write the mbr of
xp pro sp3 to drive
d where it is on the 4 partioned 500gb hdd and also write the mbr of
win7 to the drive c
where it also is on that partitioned disc, thus it should make it then
possible to clone
to a seperate drive say 80gb sata for backup either o/s
win7 with mbr or xp pro with mbr, also meaning that I should be able
to hiberante either
one, what do you think?
I have a 500gb sata drive divided into 4 117mb partitions and e and f
are blank, as was going to install
k10.10 to drive e but came across the problem of cloning



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