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Added a second hard drive to an existing XP system and installed W7 on the new drive which set up a dual boot menu from the XP drive and the dual boot system worked fine. Changed the BIOS to boot directly from the new drive with W7 and it failed. Used EasyBCD 2.0 to install “Windows Vista/7 Bootloader” and it now boots but displays the old Vista green status be during startup instead of the Windows 7 “Starting Windows” message. Is there a way to insert the Windows 7 bootloader instead of the Vista one?
Get the latest build of EasyBCD which is compatible with Windows 7 and add a new entry for W7. Once that entrys working you can delete the other one.
Added a new Win 7 entry and it had the same startup logo as before (Vista's). I then copied the bootmgr and winload.exe files from another system with identical dual boot setup - still the wrong logo! Although the boot process is controlled by bootmgr and winload.exe my guess is there is a separate file somewhere with the actual splash screen logo. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have since it's starting to look like I might have to do a clean install to fix the problem.
Use the latest build (W7 start screen support was added at .65, nearly 30 builds ago)
If the new entry doesn't do the job
BCD... button
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I tried again using version 2.0, build 93, which seems to be the latest. I've followed all of your recommendations, as well as others (new Win 7 menu entry, repair from install disk, rewrite MBR, etc.) and still no change. It's starting to look like the only fix will be a clean install!