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This is probably a redundant inquiry, but I'm new here and not sure if version 2.0 beta will help with this or not. With Windows 7 64 bit already installed on Disk 0 and listed by Computer Management as the "system" disk, I then proceeded to install Windows XP Pro 64 bit (actually, it's Windows 2003 Server 64 bit SP2, 6 of one half a dozen ...) onto Disk 1. (both hard drives are SATA, by the way)

Naturally, that's backwards installation, but I thought I would give it a shot. Actually, Easy BCD 1.7.1 helped me get back my Windows 7 quite easily with one important problem remaining, now the OS drive letters remain the same when I boot up the XP OS. Windows 7 stays as C: and the XP OS stays as D and that won't work for me, XP needs to be C when it has been called upon.

I do know that if I had installed XP first, THEN Windows 7, that this would not occur, that the drive letter would change to C when XP is up, but it's too late for that now.

The question is, can I fix this problem in any manner OR will I have to do what I think, uninstall Windows 7 OR even have to uninstall everything and start from scratch and install each OS in proper order which I am prepared to do? Point me to a thread if one exists for a solution!

Thanks for your help, EasyBCD is a really great program!

Randy J
Hi United,welcome to NST.
You can't change the system letter once the install has generated it.
There's no problem having XP see itself as D: (mine does too), as long as it cannot see the C: disk. (badly written 3rd party apps will put things on the wrong drive and clash with W7)
You can use this registry hack to prevent XP from being able to see W7.

btw. Don't use EasyBCD 1.7.
Version 2 contains a lot more facilities, especially where it comes to dual-booting XP.
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