Wrong OS download


I bought your recovery disc and followed how to burn a CD and everything worked like you said it would. I never burned a CD before. My laptop booted on the recovery disk but it tells "the recovery options is not compatible with hte version of Windows you are trying to repair". I thought it was WIN7 32 bit it it must not be. I can get to the command line using your disk. Is there a way to check exactly what version is on this laptop using the command line? Also can I download the another OS version if need be? Thank you for your help so far.
Must be Windows 7 64.

Just reply to the email you received from SystemDiscs and ask for a 64-bit version instead.
I did not receive a reply from Systemdiscs. I got only two emails from NeoSmart, one for registering and one for the forum question. Can you send me one so I can reply to it? Thank you.