Wrong signature on hibernation file

The product key of an OEM installation (end-users, like me, can be OEM self-builders), translates to a
xxx-OEM-yyyyyyy-zzzzz system key at activation, and marks the system as one for which a reduced price was paid, and which is as a consequence tied to that hardware and not transferable.
The number you need is the vvvvv-wwwww-xxxxx-yyyyy-zzzzz Microsoft OEM software label with the hologram stripe which the manufacturer should have stuck to the PC, not any model/serial number of the PC itself.
If the label has become detached/illegible, you can use freeware apps to "unhash" the serial number in Control Panel > System back to the sofware packaging product serial, if you can still boot the OS.

That is correct. But that is not the question. The question is: what can I DO with these keys?
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Removed the Serials. Posting them on a public site will only lead to your serial getting black listed and never be able to be used again.

To answer the part of what you can do with these keys. If they are OEM and they are not being used with the machine they came with, absolutely nothing. If they are OEM and you are on that machine they came with, you can either do nothing with them or dual boot. If you decide not to dual boot the serial just sits there not getting used.
Even for dual boot I don't need a product key.
Conclusion: the OEM key is useless, as I stated before.
And without a valid key no repair installation neither an inplace upgrade.

(And my hiberfil.sys still has no signature.....:x)