X-Files Sequel Film Set Information and Photos

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Thanks for sharing that, it's nice to know they're shooting back in Vancouver again - IMHO that was better than the LA filming.

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Between Vancouver and my home town Toronto, it's a tie as to which city can claim the moniker "Hollywood North". Both have thriving film and TV industries. Much to the "Governator" Arnie's disgust.

If anyone catches "Blood Ties" on TV this is a pure home-grown Toronto product and for once they don't even pretend that it is the USA (Thank God!!)

Well you can't blame the X-Files... imagine Mulder and Scully sitting in the FBI's Vancouver office :wtf:

I also forgot that the Hollywood ScreenWriters' Guild is on strike, so movie making in California is on hold for the moment.
Yeah, everything is gone screwy with their schedules now....

I think this is going to be the death of traditional movie making. With the guild on strike, normal TV is on hold. But the internet is still open, and I think this is the fork in the road where people are going to seriously consider taking the business online...

Just my two cents worth of prediction :smile:
Some thigns are on hold. Not all. Like Star Wars. Lucas isnt a part of the Guild. He left the Guild after the first Star Wars movie was made back in 1977. He didnt like how they wanted the credit first. So he left. That is why the Star Wars movies were done the way they were. With the credits at the end with no mention of people staring in the movie at the beginning.

I was kinda wondering why most of the shows i watch were gone till Jan. I havent been keeping up on the whole Hollywood strike thing. I know CSI is still having new episodes as well.

The industry wont die. It will evolve. You will see more directors like Lucas who wasnt afraid to take on the Guild and make something he believed in. I think more directors now will start to do this. Take on projects that they have strong feelings for. You will see more studios back these types of projects. It will force the Guild into making some choices it never faced before.

Online is a great medium for movies. But the traditional sense of them wont stop. Things will jsut change on how they are made. More independent films will emerge and more films from people like Tommy Lee Jones who has directed a few good ones and Lucas and those guys. The Guild is the thing i see that will either change or die. People are getting sick of the MPAA and the dang Guild trying to run hollywood.