[[ x32... or x64..? ]]

Hey! ... my windows vista is having a temperamental tantrum at the moment, and i need to run a recovery disc thru it, which im in the processing of downloading... etc....

and, Ok, this is probably one of those blatently obvious facts...:unamused:

But, im given a choice of the following two...

Windows Vista 32-Bit (x86) Recovery Disc Torrent :scared:
Windows Vista 64-Bit (x64) Recovery Disc Torrent :wtf:

Where am i meant to find this information out? Im currently [or not?] running vista home edition on a hp laptop... and had some issues with the recovery section, or lack of, being the major problem, but everytime i try to workout how fix it, or where to get info from... the whole thing just freezes!

So..... if anyone has any suggestions along with the answer to my request, i would be in great appreciation! :grinning:

Thanks in advance for ANY replies!

P.S. sorry if this is in the wrong section!


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If Vistas booting our recovery discs well be unable to help. Hit F8 on startup to select safe mode and run some antivirus scans.

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There are many ways to find out which one you need.

Under the System Properties it will tell you which version you have. be it 32 Bit or 64 Bit.
Running a program such as SiSandra Software, Belarc Advisor, Everest can do it as well.
Checking your product manual should tell you this as well.

Any one of those ways will tell you which version of the Recovery Disk you need. At the same time, trying one and getting an error message saying wrong version will tell you as well. :wink:

Please note that you can only do startup repairs and system restores with the disks. There is no installation files on there.
If Vistas booting our recovery discs well be unable to help. Hit F8 on startup to select safe mode and run some antivirus scans.

Thanks both for your response... although, i cant be sure, but i dont think its an antiviral solution? ... [in saying that i will try your theory!] :grinning:

I base my doubts on the fact that i have tooo many photos and have more than likely clogged up the memory, if that makes sense? I think i jinxed it by threatening to move all of my photos to either discs or an external harddrive [which im yet to obtain!] :unamused:

... and also from the "you have a problem with your backup/restore sector...do you want a solution? ... well, wait for it...... wait....... waittt......", message box that was displayed on start up and never really gave me a chance to find a solution before freezing! :glare:

Obviously, i will return if the above advice offers no assistance... or indeed if anything else decides to go amiss! :wink: