x64 sp2 unsigned drivers


for me the newest beta driver didnt work to allow unsigned driver to work. Did i made anything wrong or is the beta not working?

Vista home premium x64 sp2

drivers i have problems with: razer deathadder driver , iphone (doesnt ask me to import photos and makes dong dong dong when plugged in).

thanks :smile:
Hi Zak, welcome to NST.
Are you talking about the feature in EasyBCD ?
If so, that feature only accessed the corresponding feature in Vista, in every version of EasyBCD.
Unfortunately that feature of Vista was turned off by Microsoft as soon as Vista stopped being a Beta release.
It's nothing to do with EasyBCD. EasyBCD can't turn the feature on because Microsoft disabled it.
It's still available in Windows 7, because W7 is still Beta. As soon as W7 becomes RTM, I expect MS will disable the feature there too.
is there any way i can get my mouse driver + iphone working then? Also i dont get it why it worked with my old vista installation but not with my new one?

I mean except pressing f8 everytime :/
on my old vista i had sp1 (it was the original vista which came with my laptop) and everything worked.. when installing sp2 my vista crashed (think i had some hdd problem and changed the hdd) so i put up a new vista installation. From that everything worked (my iPhone was normally dedected and didnt make dong dong dong when pluggin it in.. also vista asked me for important pictures from it.. and my razer mouse also worked until i installed the driver).

I read smth about booting with a usb stick which will automatically select the unsigned driver mode.. but thats also not rly the solution i need :/

btw razer is "trying" to fix my problem for 2-3 weeks already.. seems like they also dont know how or just dont want to :frowning:
Yeah nevermind my rambling earlier. They seemed to have removed the option and it does exactly what EasyBCD did. Unfortunately as Terry explained Windows ignores the option even if its enabled. I suspect they allow it during betas to give software developers a little lead ways to prepare thier products for the new OS/service pack, but disable it in final release for security for the end user. Not much good that matters if the user cant even use the machine due to lack of drivers. Now if only they gave the option for the user to decide like they used to...
That was the big downside to adopting Vista. (x64)
My printer, scanner, modem(s), TV function on the graphics card and favourite old mouse, all stopped working because the OEMs couldn't be bothered to write drivers for anything more than a year old.
That's why I'm dual-booting XP. It's the only way I can scan/print without buying new hardware, and for a while I used it purely as a 2nd TV substitute.
I did however have to give in and buy a new modem (made redundant when only a month old by adopting bradband), a new mouse. (well the ball on the old one had developed blisters and would occasionally stick, so perhaps it had reached its natural end) and a new Vista compatible twin-tuner DTV card, but it didn't stop me cursing MS, HP, AMD/ATi and Trust and just about everybody else at the time.
Now I actually like Vista, and I'm entering shout-mode about W7 when I find that the RC build won't support my 2 year old monitor and graphics, and that I've got to shoehorn Vista driverstore into it just to get the welcome screen to display in the correct shape !

These things are sent to try us.