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Okay, so here's my suggestions/requests for some programs that already exist, and are also free, but are held by Microsoft who isn't updating them and don't have x64 versions.

Essentially most of the Microsoft PowerToys and SysInternals suites. Some of them still function, but...

In particular, the ones I want most (since you already did TweakUI) are SysInternals PageDefrag and MS PowerToys DeskMan (Desktop Manager). I used those programs extensively for years, but was very heartbroken upon switching to Windows XP X64 and finding they didn't work and didn't have x64 versions.

I've never found any program that does what PageDefrag does, and while I've found another program that does what PowerToys DeskMan does (SysInternals Desktops, oddly both owned by Microsoft), it doesn't do it the same and is much worse, in my opinion.

Thanks. :smile:
Once upon a time, I had ported _all_ the Windows XP PowerToys to Windows XP 64-Bit Edition.

I don't know if I still have the installers available.
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OK, I managed to find the ports that I made around 6 years ago for Windows Server 2003.

I've attached DeskMan to this post - I don't know if it'll work for Windows XP 64-Bit Edition - can you please try it and let me know?

As for pagedefrag, I have an idea.


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Yes the VDM works FANTASTICALLY PERFECT on my XP Professional x64 edition. I am a greedy Windows fanboy so I would love any tools and goodies you have ported to 64-bit!!!!!!! I am also beyond shocked (pleasantly) how perfect the 64-bit TweakUI is! Can't notice ANY difference from the 32-bit TweakUI. On x64 XP/Src 03, PowerCalc, ClearType Tuner, CmdPrompt here, HTML Slideshow Generator all work (although they're not 64-bit native). I am not a big fan of Taskbar Magnifier. I would love Task Switcher and TimerShot for XP 64-bit though. And if possible the Super-Fast User Switcher (still works without any issues on 32-bit XP but not 64-bit) and the Background Switcher which was also another powertoy that was retired.

I also can't thank you enough for the great great free tools you've developed like ToolTipFixer, CHMOD-Win, i-Reboot and EasyBCD. I love the NeoSmart blog as well (though it's almost dead these days LOL).

Why haven't you published these PowerToys publicly btw? So awesome work porting these to 64-bit!!! Also, all the great freebie tools should be listed on one single page. I had to Google ""by Mahmoud H. Al-Qudsi" site:neosmart.net" to find all of the super-awesome tools.
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Yes, the site is in a bad state of disrepair.. I need to get up a "library" section or something. And the blog is almost dead given the lack of freetime on my hands :x

The reason the x64 tools aren't posted is because they're done from before this site was called NeoSmart. All the tools are under the name "ComputerGuru NET" or something (can't even remember!)

Thanks for your kind words, tuxplorer :smile: oh, and welcome to the forums! Why don't you stick around and help out!

Merry Christmas.
We've had reports of it working, though it's not officially supported, obviously.

I'll post the tools sometime tomorrow, I've got a copy of them stashed away at work.
Okay I spoke too soon. I had forgotten that I was using the 32-bit Explorer shell on XP x64 and the VDM only works with that. If I start the 64-bit Explorer.exe, then naturally the VDM doesn't appear as a taskband. So I need only 64-bit native versions of those that don't work: 64-bit VDM, TimerShot, Super Fast user switcher and Background Switcher. All of the rest of the powertoys although 32-bit work on 64-bit Windows by simply removing the check from the MSI or running in XP compatibility mode. I tested the following right now on 64-bit XP which all work: Alt-Tab Replacement Task Switcher, HTML Slideshow generator, ClearType Tuner, Color Control Panel, Image Resizer (a third party replacement from CodePlex), Open cmd window here, PowerCalc, SyncToy (native 64-bit available) and TweakUI (from NeoSmart). Taskbar magnifier also wouldn't work with the 64-bit shell but I don't need it.
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Well, you've got what we have... I doubt I'll have time to make native 64-bit wrappers for the shell extensions for VDM, timershot, or the switchers. At least, not for a while.
Okay. But just asking to know, you had native 64-bit binaries of all powertoys earlier but lost them because of the server crash??? Because TweakUI is already native 64-bit!!

Also note that Background Switcher and Super Fast User Switcher were pulled by Microsoft shortly after they were published. In case Neosmart wants them, I have the original powertoy MSI which has Super Fast user switcher and Background Switcher. I especially wanted super fast user switcher in 64-bit as I used it a lot on 32-bit XP.
Background Switcher would definitely need 64-bit native as it adds a Property sheet/tab to the XP Display Properties. I just tried installing the old PowerToys pack on XP x64 by removing the check from the MSI using Orca. Super Fast User Switcher installs a service apprarently. It runs properly and the UI shows (see image: http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/6908/superfastuserswitcher.png) but when I enter the password, nothing happens. I guess that's because it can interact with 64-bit Winlogon? So yes a native 64-bit would be needed in its case too. Good thing is just 4 powertoys need 64-bit out of the whole pack.
the virtual desktop manager for xp x64 dont works. I have installed and i cant see the contextual menu over the taskbar.
so what can we do to make it to works ?