Xbox 360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii


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I know all of us here are PC fanboys but i wanted to know what you guys think about consoles.
So vote and say what you think.
i personally lean to the 360 because of the games, but the PS3 has Blu-Ray so its a toss-up.

P.S. My browser quit before i could post the poll, if one of the moderators can fix it please.
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you are comparing fruits, everyone has a different opinion about those...

i personally have a Wii, and wouldnt mind a 360 due to a few games (Assissin's Creed and the soon launching Army of Two)

I have always been a sony boy myself, however for the price of a PS3 i could get a whole lot of hardware i need :tongueout:
I have a Wii and love it. I would like to get a XBOX 360 but i doubt i will. The PS3 is a no go. It was very promising at first but now it just doesn't seem worth it. The game support is not that i would have expected from a Sony console.

So i will stick with my Wii and wait for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to come out.
Is it true that almost all games out for PC are out on Xbox 360? (excluding Crysis)
I think i read that somewhere, just verifying it.
Just about yes. There is a mass cross over with the 360 and the PC cause of the "Games for Windows" movement that Microsoft is doing.
i would take the 360 cause its cheaper better games and Microsoft but people seem to prefer the wii for its controlling and graphics
Actualy the Wii doesnt have the best graphics. They lowered the graphics in ordered to improve gameplay, thats why its so effective
People don't prefer the Wii for the graphics - it has the worst out of the 3.

But the Wii is just plain fun - that's what Nintendo is good at. After all, graphics don't mean much - Pac Man, Tetris, Pong, Mario and other most popular games of all time were played with pixels as big your head - didn't stop them from being enjoyable.
(@ someone: i went to the game shop yesterday, and yes army of two is out)

graphics != gameplay

Plain and simple. games are getting "prettier" and prettier, but game play is going down :frowning:

The Wii has the most game play to offer of the three, and not just because of how much more interaction is needed to play.

While the 360 has had its own problems, Red Ring of Death (RRoD) is the new BSoD. i have had some friends of mine, who purchased the very first 360, and got the RRoD a month after there extended warrenty ended, and they didnt get a new machine for 3 months, and they had to pay extra ($200 i think)

While the PS3 is something of a quagmire. It has the potential to be more powerful and "prettier" then all three, however, like all new "tech" that comes out, it takes time to learn the new stuff, if anyone that has had a PS2 knows, the games that have been for that in the past 2 years have been some of the best games ever (IMO) for the system, i see the same for the PS3.
I've red many articles about all 3 systems and followed the console war.

Its important for people to know what they want from the game, for example I want real life simulation putted in interesting scenario. I want 50+ different animations per a character, I want smooth and nice animation, I want detailed environments, I want good sound, I want good shaders, etc etc . . . So for me, the best gameplay is one who imitates real world the best.

I think I'd take PS3 because you can have linux installed, and use it for many other things such as server, you can host things on it.. next to playing games, it can be multimedia center (okay other systems can be this too) I heard you could have windows on 360 and I saw on youtube thats true.

I'd take PS3, weak support for games but still... its a great system for the future, IMO.
No. There are quite a lot that are not. Super Mario Galaxy is 3rd person, or bird's eye. Depending on where you are compared to the camera. Games like Resident Evil are 3rd person, Metroid is first person. Then you have things like Madden which is the same overall. So not not really.
The Wii is more supportive of games that are "multi" player, as in 4 people standing around with motes, there are of course the single player games that can be first or third, i personally think the first person ones are a bit better with the mote set up, but that me lol