xbox hard drives

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i have an xbox [the old kind, not the 360] which has a dead hard drive. its definitely the hard drive, i tried it in another power supply and it still kept making loud clicks. i have two other drives i can use, but the xbox doesn't recognize them so i'm assuming i need to format one to make the xbox use it. any ideas how to format it so it'll be recognized?
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i read an article in popular science about how to add more space to tyvo or whatever its called and it didn;t require formatting
No, it wouldn't. They both have different hardware configurations and expect different things of them.
Because each Hard Drive has a different purpose. PC HD does something and the XBox HD does something including saving game files, it also runs the XBOX system. Thats why when you modify the TIVO to install a bigger HD you have to connect it to a PC and edit the HD's firmware.
Everything uses a different system so you have to edit it to use that sytem, thus the need for another Xbox.