xcache object cache wpmu bug


I am running WPMU 1.5.1 (trac rev 1306) and have been testing out each of your wonderful object cache plugins. The file based one works 100%. The eAccelerator one seems to work as well. The xcache object cache plugin is the one I am having problems with. As soon as I drop it into /wp-content/ it seems to work perfectly but it takes away the Site Admin privelages. I have 2 site admins and both had their site admin rights taken away. Renaming the file gets the rights back.

I am not sure why it would be doing that, but tested this on 2 servers with the same results. I am running xcache 1.2.2 and compiled it from source with the zend_extensions.


Let me see if I can fill in some additional details that might help. Using xCache object cache is confirmed working on WPMU but the overall WPMU "site-admin" menus are removed for users that have the credentials. Blog Admins haven't lost anything (so it works much like WP 2.5.1). It is just the "heavy hitter" accounts to administer the entire site that lose their credentials down to "blog admins". For instance:

If you go to a page that only the Site-Admin should be able to see with one of the actual "site-admin" accounts, you will get the "You Do No Have Permission To View This Page" errors. If you rename the plugin in /wp-content/ to disable it, the permissions immediately come back for the site-admin users.

This is not a problem at all with the file based object cache. It works 100% as expected and permissions are not tampered with. I tried looking at the code and wonder if it is just not pulling the permissions correctly with the xcache plugin through the groups.

Since the file-based cache is working great I will use it until someone has a chance to help on the xcache object cache, but I am looking forward to moving back to the xcache because it seems to be faster :wink:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Trent, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies - sorry I didn't back to you earlier on this issue.

To be perfectly honest, none of the caching plugins have been tested for use with WPMU. I haven't ever installed WPMU in the first place; and have no idea exactly what is required for it to work.

However, assuming the file-based caching plugin works perfectly that would mean that it's most likely some minor issue in the XCache plugin's code that's giving you problems since they are both built around the same API and implement the same functions.

I'll download myself a copy of WPMU and see what I can drag up..