xp 32 in disk 1 plus xp 64 in disk 2 plus win 7 in disk 2

the menu display 3 OS which is ok but when when we try to acces XP 32 or Xp 64 another menu appears with option of two drive letters where the 2 OS are installed. I dont see how to solve this. tried to remove entries and put them back and tried to cahge boot.ini via start right clik computer andvanced prperties but with no success.
any ideas ? it might be a bug of the version 2. 08 (beta).
That's normal. You've got two XP installs and the the entry EasyBCD creates simply passes control to ntldr which gives you a second menu to carry on with the normal boot of an XP system, since bootmgr can't handle XP installations directly.
Its a MS design feature, not a bug.
You can only have one XP entry in the BCD (as you found, you can put as many as you like but they'll all do the same thing, pass control to the legacy boot loader NTLDR)
NTLDR continues with its historic role of multi-booting your XP installations.
Just remove all but one of your XP entries from the BCD (add/remove)
and change the name of the remaining one to straight "XP" or "XP choice" or whatever else you like (change settings),
then in EasyBCD /tools/ edit legacy entries) you can edit the names of the individual XP installations if you want.