XP-7-ubuntu Boot Problem


I recently downloaded and executed ubuntu 11.04, directly from the ubuntu site, for working with windows as a program. Before that i created one more disk partition in the disk which i didnt use.

After the reboot acronis os selector could not reboot a route.......After that i formated the above partition and installed one fresh copy of xp on that.

Then system rebooted normally with three choises: windows xp (the fresh copy)
windows xp (the previous working copy)

Now i am booting with this way to the second xp copy which i want to keep.
The ubuntu option goes me to a command line with grup>.........(dont know whats going on,probably i have destroyed the ubuntu files with format?)

Problems: 1) since i unistall acronis os selector(not original) i can not see my windows 7 which is in an other partinion.
2) i do not want to keep the fresh copy of xp but i am afraid to uninstall because then maybe i could not boot to the old copy of xp.
3) After the above resolved i want to install ubuntu from cd in a clean partition with the triple boot option (Win xp-7-ubuntu)

To many stuff and sorry for the questions


I install easy Bcd and partially solve the problem

1) I have edit and add windows 7 and xp
2) i installed in a partition that i will not format at any case.
3) Finally i wrote windows 7 MBR (choice)

Then i simply restart the system

easy boot cd menu appeared with choice of win xp and 7
i was already put as main the xp and i pressed.

Then a new screen saw me the to xp installations!!!!!!!


I am now formating the partition of xp copy i dont want and after this i will install there ubuntu.
I shall keep informed the forum.



1) Using easy boot cd in my master xp installation i manage to edit the boot by adding win7 and xp, setting as xp my default load after 30 seconds.
2) I write in win 7 MBR and restart the pc.

After that a had two choices win 7 and win xp.
Whoever pressing xp choice i gone to a sub menu with the two xp installations i had where i choose the master.
After this i formatted the partition with the back up xp and restart the pc.

I still had to choice between two xp installations, whoever choosing the erased one i did not have any boot but missing dll files notice.

I restart choosing the now only working xp and i delete the xp choice and selected again with automatic location. After that i just save the new setting and after restart bcd dont saw me now the second(formated) copy of xp :smile:

Νοw i am planning to add ubuntu in the recently formatted partition and make system triple boot using BCD.
Is there any instruction manual in order not to mess things up?
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Thanks for the guide!!!!!

I follow all steps successfully with only minor problem in the end!!!

When i login in the ubuntu terminal screen i type the command that is needed and the it ask me to put my password.

In that stage there is no ability to write!!!!!! I have the cursor flashing in ready status but i dont get respond from the keyboard in any language whatever!!!!!!!!

Maybe its a bug???????
Dear all,

I had a problem to have a dual boot Windows 7 and Mint XFCE in a old laptop. I followed the sequence: Gparted (to create NTFS, Linux and Swap partitions), then installed Windows 7 and after Linux. I put de GRUB in the linux partition (sda2). After installed EasyBCD 2.02 in Windows 7 as usual and configured to save it at MBR.
No matter I tried I just get a prompt with " grub>" when I boot the Linux. The Windows 7 run smooth.
After many boots I formatted the linux partition as "ext3" instead "ext4" or "ReiserFS". Configured again the previous EasyBCD and saved again at MBR.
Then everything run smooth. I think it should be stated for linux users that a multboot with Windows 7 is possible using the "ext3" instead the default "ext4".