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Hey there, to start off I'm a semi-n00b when it comes to these things, so I will understand somethings, but please don't go postal in complexity. So I made my brother put XP on separate hd after I had put vista on another; except I think my brother did a different method (not using bcd) called 'boot streaming' which I assume is what bcd does, but...well, I'm not sure 100% what he did. (But it works)

To get at what I need help with, I want to get rid of the annoying bug when you restart OS that it deletes/overides the system restore points. I followed the detailed instructions from (How-To: Hide Vista Partition from XP with NeoGrub! The NeoSmart Files ) but I receive the error:

Applicaiton is missing or corrupt.

Now obviously you want to say: well check which hd its set to. Well that's where that lengthy story comes into: here's what the linux section says as my partitions:

Drive 0 // My personal key:
Partition 0 (???? - 0 GB)
Partition 1 (HPFS/NTFS - 10 GB) // Dell Recovery Partition
Partition 2 (HPFS/NTFS - 288 GB) // Vista Partition
Drive 1
Partition 0 (HPFS/NTFS - 149 GB) // XP Partition
Drive 2
Partition 0 (Win 95 XInt 13 - 1 GB)

So this is where it gets confusing:
a) when I boot, because of the convoluted method my bro' used, it says "Earlier Version of Windows" for XP
b) I have absolutely no clue what Partition 0 for HD 0 is. All I know is that the NEOGrub Bootloader states

"chainloader (hd0,0)/ntldr # SET THIS TO THE BOOT PARTITION

Which I understand the random numbering, but it boggles my mind because shouldn't it be (hd0,1)? [when I change it, it doesn't do anything.]

c) I am guessing that the last partition on a 3rd drive....a drive I don't have (only 2 hds) is something for the boot streaming? Because I believe that 1 GB is on the 2nd HD, but it 'tricks' it into thinkin a seperate HD?

So I hope this all makes sense to the point that the \NST\NeoGrub.mbr cannot be found even when I have:
-changed the location to C: (vista) and the D: (xp) drive
-Hid all the other options (in the configuration text) file.

Any help? THANKS!!!!!!
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Hi archerboy, welcome to NST
Its gonna say earlier version of windows for the entry to XP loader by default. You can easily use EasyBCD to change the description of the entry to something more meaningful, such as "Windows XP".

NeoGrub isn't the recommended method for hiding Vista from XP anymore. Use Vista HnS instead for this purpose. Real simple click and forget proccess. Uninstall NeoGrub first though and delete its entry since you won't be needing it.
Hi archerboy, welcome to NST.
Using Neogrub to issue hides was always a clumsy method of protecting Vista from XP which needed a 2 stage boot. (If you care to go on an archeological dig, you'll find it's the subject of my very first ever post on here).
As a result, Guru wrote "Vista Hide 'n Seek" (HnS), a top level bootmanager which chains to Vista's bootmgr and XP's NTLDR as requested, after having hidden or unhidden Vista as appropriate.
It's now our preferred solution to the "restore point problem"
Grab yourself a copy. (It's still officially Beta, because Guru's been too busy to release it, but it's been working and stable at this build for many many months now)
The documentation is non-existent (the thread itself contains all the info if you care for a very long read), but all you need do is run the UI, tell it which disk(s) contain a bootable XP installation (it can handle several from the single menu) and which disk(s) contain Vista restore points which need hiding.
From each OS, set system restore to be active only on those disks which contain the OS, or apps installed on that OS, if (like me) you keep your apps separate. Then hide the Vista OS and apps from XP.
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WOW amazing response time! I really really appreciate the help. I'm just so astounded you guys responded so quickly that I haven't tried it yet, but when I do I'll get back to you all. Thanks SOO much.