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Hello I had 3 entries in easybcd: XP, Linux Neo Smart and Win7; LNS didn't work (Ubuntu 10.4 installed); than I extinguished the Win7 partition, because I had the impression that XP worked as well as Win7; nevertheless the bootloader had still been shown; so I eliminated those 2 entries in easybcd: NeoSmart and Win7 with the effect, that XP didn't start anymore. I made a new setup of Ubuntu, hoping, that Grub would rearrange things to the best. I now have two entries in Grub, one for Ubuntu, which is working and the other is Win7 loader, which is not. That one formerly allowed me to choose between Win7 and XP. The recovery and boot-cd of Paragon – which didn't help – told me, that (translated from german) „the file with the Windows startconfiguration doesn't contain a valid os-entry.“ Another strange thing is, that I can see and use any XP-partition from Ubuntu, except my Own Files. But from the Paragon-CD I can see, that they still exist and I could print some documents. Nevertheless I can't boot XP. Where is the brave knight, who cuts a way through the hedge? P
Thanx for your answer. I'm replying so late, because I waited for the email, which didn't come. Now it seems that I have quite a bit to read. I'll be back, when I got through it ...
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as I wrote above, the trouble started, when I removed the entry for Win 7, the partition of which I had already extinguished before. The following are the drives I found out with Paragon Boot CD:
/My Computer
/mnt (mounted drives)
/mnt (local drives)
/removeable media
D:\NTFS, 0 on HDD 1 (UFSD)
E:\ 2 on HDD 1
F:\ 0 on 2
G:\ 2 on 2
H:\ 3 on 2
I :\ 4 on 2
J :\Ext4 on 2
H:\ ?
I already tried „fixmbr“ (Installation CD, enter „r“) and received a warning, saying that the MBR seemed to be incorrect and would be destroyed if I'd run „fixmbr“. I also tried to get a list of the boot-sequence via GRUB – but didn't receive any. (Linux doesn't like me) In the boot-menu (the blue-box) I read, that IDE Channel 0 Master HDP725... is the one from which the PC is started. (On the screenshot) What makes me wonder, is that the Paragon-List seems to be all one letter up: (D) is the system-partition, normally C: , my Own Files I find in E:, whereas the were in D: and so on. As you will see from the screenshot (there is another one from disc 2 I didn't upload in order to save space), there is no flag for the C-partition (105 GB) and the extended partition seems to be empty which isn't so, it is occupied with about 270 GB of my Own Files. So I hope you can find some useful information.
I didn't succed to run EasyBCD on my Ubuntu 10.4


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This is the forum for support of EasyBCD which is used for configuring the Vista/7 boot manager BCD.
You appear to be saying that you've deleted the W7 partition ? (i.e. you're no longer using the BCD), so I'm moving this thread to the general PC support forum.
It sounds from your description, if I understand you correctly, that you now only wish to use XP and Linux, in which case you probably need to "repair install" XP, which will fix the problems it's having without affecting any of your installed apps or personal files.
Well, the function of "install repair" is available, but I received the information that the file msls31.dll could not be installed. And besides, the entry in grub (I wonder, that my grub is something like 1.9, whereas it should be 2, shouldn't it?) is still Win 7 ... So, in case xp would be accessible again, is there something to be considered in advance, so that I am able to boot into ubuntu as well? (because there won't be the easy(bcd) way any more?
Once you've repaired XP so that it boots again (and yes, Linux will be invisible to it), you can then reinstall grub to your Linux partition and let it take control of the MBR again. It will see XP rather than W7 as the system previously controlling the boot, and set up a dual boot entry directly into NTLDR instead of via bootmgr as you currently have.
Done! And now the (another) surprise, this time a good one: I didn't need to reinstall Grub. It still shows Win 7 at the last position and when I click it, it starts right away booting XP.Funny, isn't it?
So bye for now and thank you very much.
hello i just want to ask i have intel r pentium4 and a 504 ram..can my computer support windows 7?what is the most advisable os for my current specs? :smile: