XP and Vista on separate drives/controllers...


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Hey guys, I know this has been covered to some extent before, but I'm ready to pull my hair out on this issue. I have Windows Vista Ultimate 64 installed on a RAID array that is on a PCI SATA RAID controller. I installed Windows XP Pro after the fact on an IDE drive that is hooked to the primary IDE controller on the motherboard. If I tell the BIOS to boot to the IDE drive first XP starts up fine. If I tell the BIOS to boot to the RAID controller first, Vista starts fine(after doing the Vista boot-loader repair after the XP install of course). The problem comes in when I try to use EasyBCD to setup a boot menu. I can get it to load Vista just fine, but I can't seem to figure out the correct settings to get XP to start up through the boot menu. When I select the XP option at bootup, the computer just restarts. When I am in Vista, my Vista partition shows up as drive C:, and my XP drive shows up as D:.

Any insight is really appreciated.

Hi Patrick, welcome to NST.
Have you copied the XP boot files into the Vista root ?
Read all about it in the wiki
When you successfully booted with the IDE disk first in the BIOS, XP's boot.ini will have been pointing to the IDE disk which will have been rdisk(0).
When you've copied everything across to Vista, the IDE disk (where boot.ini should still be pointing to locate XP) will no longer be rdisk(0) so you'll need to correct that too.