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I had XP on one drive, and installed a new drive onto which I loaded Windows 7. No problems with Windows 7, but it is very difficult to get XP to boot up (after I select "Earlier version of Windows") I noticed that very often if the USB Mouse power light is on before XP boots up the light will go off just as the Windows screen appears, and then the computer reboots. Sometimes XP boots, and works fine. Does this sound like a problem that EasyBCD 2.02 can solve, or is the program just for Windows 7/Vista dual-booting?
Driver issue... nothing EasyBCD can fix. Make sure you've got service pack 3 and any other Windows updates.

When you do get into XP I would recommend uninstalling your mouse driver and than restarting. You can do this by locating it in Device Manager. Once you go back to XP, it should re-install it. If the problem persists you may need to download software for your mouse if it didn't come with a disc.
Thanks, I'll give it a try. I hope I can get XP to boot up again. I'm in it right now after about a dozen tries. I looked at ntbtlog.txt in Windows and there are some drivers problems alright. It listed about 17 drivers that loaded, and then started listing lots and lots of drivers that didn't load......repeating some or all of them. I just happened to have bought another Mouse of the same type, Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical USB, so I have a disk with current drivers on it.


I uninstalled the Mouse drivers and rebooted. I got a message to update part of the motherboard bios so I updated it all. It wasn't really an update, just a replacement of an earlier update that I downloaded several months ago. After that I rebooted again and put in the disk from a brand-new mouse of the same variety, and I got a message that the driver couldn't be updated because a more advanced driver was already installed. Since then I have turned off the computer two times and booted up again with no problems. I haven't checked a new bootlog, and probably won't unless I have more problems. Thanks again. My fingers are crossed.


The issue is resolved. Thanks again.
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Great, glad I could help. Your best bet to avoid any issues in the future is to install any new software updates when they become available.