XP Boot files on wrong drive


hey there, first off, love neosmart and easy bcd really usefull.

i have 3 partitions (aranged of disk area)
1.Libary - 150gb
2. vista - 100 gb
3. xp -50gb (installed on non-partitoned space)

i had vista and xp working but my xp stuffed up ( non boot isues) so i reinstalled it.

Now, when i go to my computer in XP

It has Libary as C:\ xp as D:\ and vista as E:\

if i open C:\ with all files showing i have boot files in there (XP i think)

and when i open D:\ it has no boot files.

How do i put the boot files on XP partiton and how do i make Xp partition C:\ (i tried changing the letter in disk managment, but i wont let, i assume its because of the boot files)

Thank you for your time, also a suggestion for easybcd is to make advance boot options for xp aswell
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Hi Chaldean, welcome to the forum,
On a Vista/XP dual boot, the boot files for both systems will be installed on the active system partition, mine are both on XP's, yours are on Libary - that's fine, it doesn't matter as long as it boots.
Can you still boot Vista ?
What were your system disk letters before the XP reinstall (from Vista's and XP's views) ?
Disk mgmt can change anything but partitions marked as system, active or boot I think, so you'll either have to live with the new arrangement, do a lot of registry hacking, find a third party solution, or install XP again, taking care to manoeuvre XP to where you want it this time.
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Thanks for the reply, cant i just copy over the boot files to XP partition then change Libary drive letter in Disk management??
No I'm afraid not.
Take a look here for some background of how the boot process works
You can never change the drive letter of the system you're using by conventional means inside the OS, and when you're dual booted in the other system, you can only change the way that system sees the first. They each have their own idea of what everything is called, unless, like me, you take great care to synchronize them as you install each.