xp cannot boot in


I have dual booting in my machine (Xp and vista). Vista was accidentally corrupt and I did a recovery for it. Everything works fine until the point where I need to select which operating system I want to boot in. I get the options Vista and ‘previous version of windows’ which is actually the Xp, vista loads fine but XP will not load. Just dunno what to do next....

Please help!

Thanks a lot

The Link gives you all the answers you need. We cant help you as you didnt give any specific information. Even so the Wiki gives you the answer for every situation that we have encountered and have a fix for. :wink:
ok now i ve done it all...However another problem is, Xp got another problem 'windows could not start because system32 hal.dll is missing'

so what s next? helppp!!!

Vista will keep on ticking merrily along, but you'll need to follow the instructions in the link above to get it to boot.
Thanks a lot for everything..I finally install a fresh copy of XP and followed as u advised

my computer works well now..:smile:

Thanks again