xp drive letters and system volume wrong after install


hi, i have triple boot system with xp/vista/ubuntu and i want to reinstall xp because i messed it up a bit.

my partition layout is like this:

<primary ntfs xp>
<primary ntfs vista>
<primary ext2 /boot>
<logical ext3 / >
<logical swap>
<logical ntfs data>

now during/after the installation my drive letters are all messed up.
the xp partition comes up as e: and vista as c:
xp starts up fine but the explorer shows e: as boot and the c: drive with vista as system volume.

is there a way to fix this and get the drive letters back in order? i already tried renaming the partitions in the MountedDevices key with regedit but this made xp hang on boot.....
Not really - it's a matter of getting lucky with the setup process.
Only other solution is to use a partition editor like Acronis to hide the Vista drive, install XP, then unhide the Vista drive.