XP Dual Boot Problems



Sorry had a look through and I can't find any posts which specifically address my problem. Any help would be realy great as I've not tried doing this before.

I have a 32bit Vista Home Premium PC and needed to use XP so on the advice of a local computer centre I got a new hard drive (both my drives are SATA drives). I disconnected the vista drive and installed XP on the new drive. Then I reconnected all the drives and the PC booted to Vista.

After looking on the net I downloaded EasyBDC and set up an entry for XP booting from the new drive. When I restart I get the vista/xp menu come up but when I select XP the system resets and gets back to the same vista/xp menu? When I select Vista it starts as normal.

I followed your trouble shooting guide and couldn't find NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM, BOOT.INI on the new drive though not sure where I should be looking or where I should put them if they are not there.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Kim, welcome to NST.
Go into folder options and change the entries which are hiding system and hidden files, and known file extensions. You should then be able to see all of the boot files.
Copy (not move) the 3 files you mention from the root of the XP partition to the root of the Vista partition (e.g. x:\boot.ini to v:\boot.ini , where x is your XP drive and v is vista)
Then use wordpad or notepad to edit v:\boot.ini to change the rdisk(0) to rdisk(1) on both lines where it occurs.
(leave x:\boot.ini as it is and you'll always be able to boot the XP drive in stand-alone mode should your Vista drive ever break)
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