XP Entry Appears Twice in Boot Menu


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See the attached screen shot from my netbook's XP. I only have it in there once so why do I have 2 XP's showing when I boot up?


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Your boot.ini has a duplicate entry.

Just delete the XP entry in EasyBCD and add a new one and it'll automatically clean that up for you.

All that happened after the failed SP3 install?
..and the extra entry appears in Windows 7 Startup & Recovery. It's not easy to edit that in Win 7. The weird part is that bcdedit contains only one XP.

No this is after an upgrade install.


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Oops I didn't notice your response when I was typing or you posted while I was doing it...whatever!

That did the trick, thanks Mahmoud.
I did what you said. Deleted the XP entry in EasyBCD and re-entered it.

Or do you mean what method did I use to integrate/slipstream?
No, I was wondering if you used EasyBCD or if you manually used boot.ini

Thanks for using EasyBCD :grinning: