xp first then vista


Hey guyz!
I've got an interesting situation what i cant really solve. So.... I had a dual boot system with 2 xp. (c, d, c was the boot part.). I have installed vista on the c partition, and left xp on d. Because d was the 2nd partition, i didnt had the relevant boot files there. Now I'm trying to "wake up" that xp, but i cant. I have tryed the tutorials on the site, tryed to copy those files onto the d part as well plus create a boot.ini, but they didnt work. I have quite a few disks in my system, but these 2 are the os partitions, the rest is just data. I've tryed acronis boot loader, easybcd, vista loader and none of them seamed the work. Any ideas how could i use my old xp in dual boot with vista? I REALLY cant afford a reinstall.
Thanks a lot.
You just need to modify your existing boot.ini (the one used for the first XP install) to add a second entry to it for the 2nd XP.
thank you for your quick reply. I dont have that boot.ini file any more, but I will try to recreate it. Where would i have to place it? would it be on c (vista in the moment) or d (with the dead xp)?