XP image onto a preinstalled W7


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I'm trying to dual boot 2 partitions. one with W7 already installed and I ghosted a partition of xp from an old HDD. I've assigned a drive letter to the system*what's it called* partition and copied over the 3 files, ntldr, boot.ini and ntdetect.com. when I reboot i get the 2 choices but when I choose XP it goes to a black screen and beeps once and reboots again. I checked to make sure the ntdetect.com file was in that sys. drive and even deleted and recopied it again. Is there anything someone can think of that I might be doing wrong?
If you're doing it manually, you must edit boot.ini with the correct information as well as copying the XP files.
Why not use EasyBCD 2.0, delete the XP entry, add it again and let EasyBCD auto-configure it for you.

(If the XP has been cloned from a different PC, it's not going to work anyway without a repair install, because the driver-set and the registry map of the configuration will not represent the new environment. If the XP is from an OEM PC (with XP pre-installed), even the repair install will be pointless because the new install will need activating and the EULA ties it permanently to the original hardware, so MS will not validate it.)
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