I realize this is not the place to go to solve this, but I need some sort of direction.

I have an Acer/Gateway lap top, with 500Mb HD. When I try to install XP into a new partition, following all steps from this web site, XP loads all drivers and then I get a bsod:

Windows Setup

A bunch of nonsense about is this your first time and did you use protection

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to protect your computer

tech info:
*** stop: 0X0000007B, 0XF78D663C,0X0000034,0X00000000, 0X00000000

When I changed partitions, by squeezing and adding, I noticed a 100 mb of protected hard drive space. I am assuming this is Gateways private stash. I there some conflict I am unaware of caused by this 100mb partition?

Does anyone know why I cannot install XP to this computer?

Gateway did not see fit to provide me with a windows installation disk, though I have a win 7 disk. Should I use that and attempt to nuke and pave? How do I get rid of the protected space? Why is this happening to me.... I've been good, no fly wings left laying around or anything....



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The 100Mb partition is default behaviour for a W7 installation. The W7 boot files are there.
When you run Disk Management from W7, you should see that the small partition is "active" and "system"

Disk Management flags have the following meanings
"boot" = "this is the system you're running"
"system" = "this is where I found the boot files for the currently running system"
"active" (on the first HDD in the BIOS boot sequence) = "this is where I started the search for the boot files"
"active" (on subsequent HDDs in the BIOS boot sequence) ="this is where I will look if I don't find something in the MBR on the first HDD"
The XP install failure probably has something to do with the AHCI settings in the BIOS
HOWTO: enable AHCI mode after installing Windows
Advanced troubleshooting for "Stop error code 0x0000007B (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE)" errors in Windows XP