XP install


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Hi there!

I need some help!

I have a portege 3500 laptop with no cd drive and no usb boot support....

I do however have a harddrive with 2 partitions:

c: ntfs old xp installation
d: fat32

I want to get rid of the old install and wipe it clean for the new install,

ive tried to copy the xp cd files to both c: and d: and run setup from there but when i come to format the C: drive, i cant because setup says it has its temp files there.

I also tried the winnt32.exe /noreboot /tempdrive:c: didnt help

is there a workaraound? any help would be greatful!!
You will have to put the XP CD on the opposite partition than the one you want to format and install on. Then it should work.
Or copy the contents over a network from a computer that has an optical drive and make a bootable copy of it on your hard drive on another partition like Alex suggested.